Contact Tracing in Gastronomy
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Contact Tracing in Gastronomy

Easy Online System

Restaurants in many places are obliged in the context of the Corona pandemic to register their guests for the purpose of contact tracing by the responsible authorities.

With GASTRODA, registration is a piece of cake for the guests and considerably reduces the effort for the restaurant owner - of course in compliance with GDPR regulations.

  • Easy to use web-based form (no app installation required!) (Example)
  • Fully mobile-friendly layout and usability.
  • Scan QR-code to open pre-filled form (restaurant, table number, date and time) (Example)
  • Optionally: let guest choose the table number from pre-defined list (Example)
  • Optional "remember me" feature for guests - no need to fill out the form at every visit!
  • NEW: Set up a linked button on the confirmation page, e.g. to your online menu.
  • Secured SSL connection, server location in Germany - fully GDPR compliant!
  • Saved visits are automatically deleted after pre-defined period of time
  • Restaurant's Logo in header
  • Multiple languages supported - for you international guests
  • Comfortable backend that shows tables and registered guests, allows download of data for authorities.